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Playing The Game Of TWO BASES

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The Game of "TWO BASES"

This is a game that 6 to 10 people can play.  You split up into 2 teams of from 3 to 5 on each team.  There is a batting team and a fielding team.  On the fielding team, one person pitches, one plays first base, one plays second (or outfield if only 3 are on the team), and the remaining fielding players play outfield. The hitting team goes up to bat the same way a hitting team would in a regular baseball field.  The field consists of 2 bases as shown below:

two bases playing field
Note that in this field the two bases define a narrower fair zone.  Placement of bases is arbitrary.  First and second bases can be moved closer or farther to accommodate age and skill level of the players.  

  • The pitcher pitches balls and the batter tries to make hits. In this game you count balls and strikes like a regular game.  If 4 balls are thrown, the batter gets a walk.
  • A catcher is not used but rather a pitchback net or backstop.  If needed the pitcher is to play the catcher position to make a play at home plate.
  • There is no stealing of bases.
  • All other rules are the same as a regular baseball game.
  • The batter should wear a helmet.


  • An extra player, older player, or adult may serve as "all time pitcher".
  • A catcher may be used but protective gear must be used.  I have seen many catchers and umpires get hit in the face mask by foul tipped pitches!

For 3-5 players, check out the game of FIRST BASE!

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