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Little League Rules and Regulations - Rules and Regulations For Little League Baseball

From a player's standpoint, one only really needs the basic rules along with any modifications used by your local league for your age level. One may, however, want such information as playing field dimensions, equipment rules, and other game related regulations as specified by the Little League as a good guideline for their own league.

Here are a few ways of getting official rule books for Little League:

  • Order rule books on

  • Generally rule books are provided to coaches if your team is affiliated with Little League.  Go to for more info on this. A small fee is involved as well as the logistics of forming a Little League in your area.

  • You can order the book shown below titled Little League's Official How-To-Play Baseball Book that contains tips and slightly outdated official rules in it's appendix. This is a nice option since you have a nice how-to manual in addition to just the rules.  I bought the book shown below. It is also available on ebay.

    This book was updated in 2003.

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