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Selecting a Youth Baseball Glove - Appropriate Glove Size For Youth Baseball

It's a bit tricky getting a youth baseball glove.  Too small and they will quickly grow out of it.  Too big and they won't be able to handle it. Does it have to be leather? What brand? Hopefully this article can answer these questions.

Youth Baseball Gloves and Little League Baseball Gloves
A good glove for youth baseball must be made of 100% leather!  Otherwise, the child will be frustrated with balls popping out since synthetic gloves do not form the natural "pocket" that leather does as it stretches.  You should be able to purchase a single baseball glove that will work for youth and little league play.  A good size is 11.5". If your child is planning on playing beyond Little League, they can get a larger glove if needed in their last year of Little League. The brand/size we went with was Mizuno 11.5" Power Close (shown below) since this was recommended by two different sales people at two different sport shops.  It's a great glove, is only about $40 in price (as compared to $100 or more for some), and it should work well for a typical 8-12 yr old. You can find this glove at a local sporting goods shop, or online here.

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What is the best way to "break in" a baseball glove? Get out and play!  As you catch more and more balls, the glove will form a pocket and become more and more flexible.  Otherwise, there are "break in" foams that are available at your local sporting goods store to help speed this process up.

T-Ball Gloves
For T-ball players, I would recommend an inexpensive synthetic or synthetic/leather combination glove since the balls will be thrown at a low speed where a "pocket" is not so critical but rather the child uses both hands to capture the ball.  Ask around or check garage sales.  You can often obtain these gloves for nothing or next to nothing. We probably have 3 or 4 laying around our house waiting to be given away. Then, when the child gets to age 7 or 8, they should be able to use the recommended leather glove shown above, even if it is a bit big on them.

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