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Selecting The Best Catchers Gear and Catchers Mitts

If your kids are playing fast pitch baseball, and someone is catching, they absolutely must have the correct protective gear! I have witnessed, first hand, how a slightly tipped ball has flown over the catcher's mitt and struck the catcher in the protective face mask. Without the mask, a very serious injury would have resulted. Even for home practice, you need this gear for any catching where a batter is involved. The necessary components are shown below.

Youth Baseball Catcher's Helmet
The catcher's helmet should have a steel cage and be constructed of impact-resistant ABS material. The chin pad should be soft and the helmet should extend down from the chin a bit to protect the throat. Most baseball catcher's masks will have these features. For youth baseball, make sure to get a helmet designed and sized for youth players.

Youth Baseball Catchers Chest Protector
The chest protector should be form fitting so it is not excessively loose. It should have shock absorbing padding and it should have shoulder protectors as well. You should make sure this chest protector is sized for youth so it fits properly.

Youth Baseball Catchers Shin Guards
The shin guards should offer protection of the knees as well as the shins. The shin guards should also be well padded and adjustable. Make sure to get a size appropriate for youth baseball players so it fits correctly.

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