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Fun Baseball Drills For Kids & Fun Games

An experienced Little League coach commented how the kids do not play at the level of ten years ago. I sincerely believe this is due to kids playing less baseball in their spare time and playing more video games and watching TV instead. So what can you do to get the kids out playing ball?  Well, for starters, limit TV and video game playing time. Next, get the kids involved in fun baseball games and activities. Links to a few of them are shown below.  Also, your Little League or Youth team could get local sponsors to fund the baseball equivalent of a reading program.  The child must practice or play baseball games two hours or week during the school year in addition to regular practices and three hours per week during the summer.  The parent must sign off on the form and if the child completes all weeks, a nominal prize or gift certificate is awarded.  Click on the link titled Extra Innings Club for more details. Make the extra practice a fun time.  Check out some of the fun games and fun baseball drills for kids listed below. I hope these games and youth baseball fun drills are helpfull.

Fun Baseball Activities

Extra Innings Club

Build a Backyard Ball Field

Playing  "In The Middle"

The Game of 500

"1st Base" (3-5 players)

"2 Bases" (6-8 players)


Featured Fun Activity

With some sports netting, a large backyard can be converted into a mini ball field. The field shown below provides an "instant ball field" for some after dinner play.  Click on the link Backyard Ballfield for more details on how this was created.

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