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Youth Baseball Training Videos and Batting Drills

Shown below are 6 different youth baseball training videos you may watch giving you tips on proper batting stance, how to hit different types of pitches, and more. A description of each video is given below it.

Click on the Play Buttons below to start each video.

This training video addresses proper stance, how to load for the pitch, how to swing and follow through. A great video to start with!

This video features some nice slow motion footage of hitting a baseball off a tee. Also, some fundamentals of good hitting form are discussed.

This training video focuses on "Squish the bug", which is the process of rotating on the back foot. Examples of hitting correctly are compared to hitting incorrectly.

This video addresses handling certain types of pitches such as low pitches or high pitches. This is a nice video for more advanced hitters that have already mastered fundamentals.

This video offers some helpful batting drills on the correct swing procedure. These drills require a coach to work one on one with each batter.

This video addresses correct stance in detail. This is a great video to start with when teaching young baseball players how to properly stand at the plate.



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